South Sudan is home to some of largest National Parks and Reserves in Africa with untouched wildernesses since time in immemorial. The country currently has 7 national parks and 13 game reserves which were legally created in the old Sudan and some after independence. Over the years due to their uniqueness, South Sudan national parks and reserves have become dream destinations for millions of tourist around the world. Twice a year between  Boma and  Bandingilo National Park the world get to witness one of the largest animal spectacle in the world, an annual white-eared kob migration of approximately 1 million animals moving in mega-herds that consisting of thousands of individuals. There is also other animal migration that also happens around that time which consists of Elephants and Giraffes. They rush to the Sudd Swamp from Bandingilo and Shambe during dry season and stay there until rainy season.

Below are South Sudan National Parks:

  • Boma National Park.
  • Bandingilo National Park.
  • Southern National Park.
  • Lantoto National Park.
  • Random National Park.
  • Nimule National Park.
  • Shambe National Park.
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