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Sudd Swamp

Located in South Sudan, the Sudd wetland has an estimated area of approximately 57,000 square kilometers. It is one of the largest swamps in Africa and is also one of the largest floodplain wetlands in the world—about 600 km long and a similar distance wide, according to UNESCO.

The wetland supports a rich biota, which includes over 400 bird species and over 90 mammal species. These include kob, tiang, and Mongalla gazelle which all undertake large-scale migrations over the relatively undisturbed habitat to the east of the Sudd. Additionally, these wetlands support the largest population of shoebill in the world, a stork-like predator, estimated at around 6,400 individuals.

A million individuals of white-eared kob used to make a massive migration over 1,500 km near the Ethiopian border, whenever the floodplain grasses are available.

This tour will give an opportunity to bird-watch, sight animals, and visit the fishing villages around.

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