12 days Cultural tours South Sudan

6 Months October 2021 - March 2022.
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South Sudan is a country made up of 64 tribes who have nearly the same amount of languages, these tribes leave across the vast land of the country. Some leave in the thick Equatorial forest of Western Equatoria and Western Bahl el Ghazal States others around Sudd Swamp and Lake Basin of Lake and Jonglei States or on the highland of Easter and Central Equatoria states, others on the savannah grassland of Upper Nile states.
When you get to visit South Sudan there are always high chances of meeting the people of Shilluk Kingdom with their continues history of Kings and Kingdoms or the Dinka and Nuer people who dominates the Sudd Swamp, Lake basin and the Savannah landscape of the Country and who are strictly Cattle keeper, farmers and fishermen.
You also meet the tribes of Taposa, Latuko, Mundari,Jie. Murle and Boya who dominates the highland regions of Eastern, Central and Jonglei States and whose culture, economy and social life revolves around herding livestock, including cattle, camels, donkeys, goats and sheep.
Visiting the cattle camps of Mundari, Taposa, Latuko, Dinka, Murle and Jie tribes has been a dream for many tourists around the world in the past few years due to the fact that they are the most hospitable tribes in the country. When visiting them you get a chance to learn their cultures and way of life as well as spending time at their camps and homes to have a close understanding of their daily activities.

Day 1. Juba City

Arrival at Juba International airport where the BomaHills Tourism Team will be waiting to transfer you to the arranged hotel of your choice and have the rest of the afternoon to rest or explore South Sudan Capital Juba.

Day 2. Juba – Kapoeta

In the morning, after the breakfast, we will head straight to Juba international airport for Domestic flight to Kapoeta (2 hours flight) Eastern Equatoria state. Once there, we take you to the hotel before exploring the town where you get a chance to meet the locals.

Day 3-4 Taposa and Jie tribes


For two full days, you get to explore Toposa and Jiye tribal territories and indulge yourself with their way of life so that to learn more about their cultures.

Day 5 Boya and Larim tribes

After breakfast, we will drive (2 hours) to Boya Hills and meet the Boya tribe. Here you also spend the whole day learning more about their cultures and be part of some welcoming activities to the territory.

Day 6   Lotuko tribe

After breakfast drive (4 hours) to mountain kingdom of Ilieu ruled by a priest-king and tribe that has some interesting 14th Century stone walls and architecture. Explore the village and meet the Lotuko people.

Day 7 Lotuko tribe

After breakfast and last visits around the village, we farewell the mountain kingdom and drive (2 hours) to the town of Torit. On our way, we can see the local life.

Day 8 Torit – Juba

After breakfast, we take a long drive (8 hours) to Juba. On arrival we take you to your hotel and dine at Da Vinci hotel on the river side and have some nice views of Nile River.

Day 9- 10 Juba – Terekeka, Mundari tribe and cattle camps

After breakfast we take a drive (4 hours) to Mundari tribal territory. On arrival we head to our camp site and tour the around Terakeka. Also visit the market to meet the Mundari people. .
After having checked with the local authorities, we drive to cattle camps to experience Mundari Culture and see their cattle.
We will have two full days stay with Mundari tribe. On arrival we will set our camp on one side of River Nile and by small canoes; we will cross the river to other side to explore more. We will also follow the nomads with their cattle.

Day 11 Terekeka
After breakfast, farewell to the Mundari people at the cattle camp and some last pictures of the landscape, we drive to Terakeka and further to Juba City where you spend the night at the hotels.

Day 12

Flight Home

Included in Cost

  • Accommodation
  • Meals and drinks when out of Juba city
  • Fees for all permits
  • Transportation and transfers
  • Camping gears
  • Tribe payments
  • Tour guide
  • Activities (optional)

Excluded in Cost

  • Visa fees
  • International flight
  • Activities (optional)


  • South Sudan Visa can only be obtained through the government website by using the following link https://www.onlinevisa.com/south-sudan-visa/
  • Covid-19 testing is mandatory and the certificate should be valid at the time of arrival at Juba International Airport.
  • Covid-19 testing is mandatory before your departure.



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