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Travel information on South Sudan

General Information on South Sudan

South Sudan is the least visited country in Africa and World due to many years of conflict but the current peace deal (2018) gives adventurous and tourist a great chance to explore and experience the country in a unique way. The country has some of the untouched wilderness, with unique and remote cultures and tribes that have not been impacted much by modernity. And with less accessibility of these tribes by road, it gives a chance of being the first tourist to step foot in their villages. With South Sudan adventure tours, you have a great chance of understanding these ethnic groups that have roamed and inhabited the wilderness of South Sudan for thousands of years. The famous are Mundari, Nuer, Taposa, Murle and Dinka Tribes known for their cattle keeping, The Azande, Chollo/Shilluk and Anyuak for their Kingdoms, The mountains tribes of Lotuko/Utuho, Boya, Lango and Didinga known for their rich cultural activities.

The country also has some of beautiful landscape from the mountainous southern region to the savannah landscape of the northern region. Nile River passes here and dumps its water in to the Sudd Swamp which is the largest swamp in Africa.  The country also has national and games reserves and it home to second largest animal migration in the region.

The history of South Sudan is a complicated one; it gained independent in 2011 after many years of conflict with Arabs of South Sudan and with peace and tranquility, and it is trying to build its economy through it oil industry and mining. Tourism industry in the South Sudan is undeveloped and it contributes less that 4% total GDP. 

The country is predominantly Christian followed but the African traditionalist, Islam and Muslims are minority. Everyone has right to religious practices and it is illegal by constitution to deprive anyone.

A tour of South Sudan is mostly cultural mixed with adventure tours; you also have wildlife and bird watching in Sudd swamp. Wildlife Safaris are mostly group based of up to 20 people with over 7 days tours and are pre-arranged with local tour operators as some of the National Parks are not fully accessible.

Attractions and Destinations

National Parks

  • Boma National Park
  • Bandingilo National Park
  • Shambe National Park
  • Nimule National Park
  • Southern National Park
  • Lantoto National Park
  • Kidepo game reserve

Nile River and River Cruise

Imatong ranges

Sudd swamp


Culture and Tribal villages

Historical sites and monuments

Recreational/sport Fishing

Kingdoms of Chollo, Anyuak and Azande

Travel Tips on South Sudan.

  • Travelling in and out South Sudan

Entry to South Sudan is both by air and land, the country is bordered by 6 countries (Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan and Ethiopia) and the only countries you can enter and exit by land (road) are Uganda and Kenya.

The airlines that have their flights to South Sudan are Kenya Airways, Ethiopia Airlines, Uganda Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Fly Dubai, Egyptair, Badr Airlines, Tarco Aviation and Fly Premier airlines.

  • Permits and Entry fees
  • Photographic permit

You require a photographic permit from the South Sudan Media Authority before you enter the country; you obtain one for yourself and your camera devices. This permit normality has a list of places and things that are not to be photographed. It is advisable to obtain one before travelling to the country if you are coming for a photographic tour otherwise you risk getting your camera and device getting confiscated. As of 2022, drones are prohibited in the country.

  • National Security permit

The national security permit is a must for any traveller entering into the country; this is because of their Interpol commitments, Counter-terrorism and espionage. You can obtain this permit through your tour agency or sponsor. Always ask for the permit from your tour guide when travelling out of Juba or you may risk jail time, detention or deportation which may derail your travel plans.

  • Ministry of Wildlife conservation and Tourism Fees

This permit is obtained from the ministry and is required for those visiting national parks, tribes and other protected areas.

  • Entry fees

Entry fees are required for those that wish to visit community centres, national parks or events. It is a requirement to enter the country.

All the above permits can be obtained through any of South Sudan Tour Operators or Tour Guides.

  • Accommodation

In the capital city of Juba, you can choose hotel accommodation from many categories. There are 5 and 4 stars luxury hotels, reasonably priced hotels, budgeted hotels and camping sites. When driving out of Juba City, accommodations are normally in camps or tents (with mattresses, bed sheets and light blankets provided by our tour guide) or in local houses especially in tribal villages.

  • Transport

We normally use 4×4 Toyota land cruiser the 76 &78 models to travel outside Juba City, they are well serviced and air-conditioned with first aid kit, extra tires and tool box. The can takes 3 clients with the tour guide and a driver. Into Juba city we normally take around our clients on mini buses. Self drives are possible but you will need our tour guide with you all the time.

  • Food

When in Juba City, you can dine in many hotels and restaurants (Local foods or continental) around the city and around the riverside. When travelling out of Juba we normally have a cook accompanying us throughout the tour. The most important thing is you let us know of your menus and food restrictions prior the tour. We only provide breakfast when in Juba City (lunch and dinner are on you) and all meals when out of Juba City. We also have options of packed lunch and dinner from your hotel when leaving Juba but only for a day.

  • Ministry of health requirements

The South Sudan Ministry of Health does not require Covid-19 PCR Test if you are vaccinated and have the certificate to prove it. For more questions you can always ask the South Sudan Tour Operators or Tour Guides for more.

As of 2022, the Ebola measures are still in place and you must not travel to South Sudan if you show symptoms of the disease. A yellow fever card is still a requirement when visiting South Sudan.

  • Public holidays
  • New Year Day 1st
  • Easter Holiday
  • Labour Day 1st May
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • SPLA/SPLM Day 16th May
  • Independence Day 9th July
  • Eid al-Adha
  • Martyrs Day 30th July
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
  • Banks and Currency

South Sudan has over 30 commercial banks and over 40 forex bureaus, there are also many mobile money transfer kiosks in Juba and around the country. The currency used is South Sudan Pound (SSP) and the country is 80 per cent cash-based so you must carry cash. You can use your credit card in some hotels if they have a POS (Point of sale system), just ask.

  • Time

GMT +2 Hrs

  • Climate

South Sudan is typically tropical climate with annual average temperatures of low of 21°C and high of 35°C. The rains normally start form early March to End of November and Dry season is from December to March.

  • Roads and Security road blocks.

Less than 10% of roads are paved in South Sudan and the ones that are paved are within Juba city and ones that are exiting the City. Expect many hours on the road when driving to your destination.

Please note that every road leading out of Juba city has numerous security checkpoints and we are required by law to stop at each one of them and provide the information requested by the security personal, these stops may take up to 10 -15 minutes.

  • Shopping

There are many markets in Juba City and you can request for time to shop for souvenirs around the city.

  • Other information (Telephone, phones and network)

There are many mobile networks in South Sudan and you can request for a sim card on arrival but we also provide hotspot data when on the road and it is important to note that not all places in the country have access to network. So expect days when you will not have access to network and internet.





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