Summary of Our Destinations

National Parks and Reserves

South Sudan is home to some of largest National Parks and Reserves in Africa with untouched wildernesses since time in immemorial. The country currently has 7 national parks and 13 game reserves which were legally created in the old Sudan and some after independence. Over the years due to their uniqueness, South Sudan national parks and reserves have become dream destinations for millions of tourist around the world. Twice a year between  Boma and  Bandingilo National Park the world get to witness one of the largest animal spectacle in the world, an annual white-eared kob migration of approximately 1 million animals moving in mega-herds that consisting of thousands of individuals. There is also other animal migration that also happens around that time which consists of Elephants and Giraffes. They rush to the Sudd Swamp from Bandingilo and Shambe during dry season and stay there until rainy season.

Below are South Sudan National Parks:

  • Boma National Park.
  • Bandingilo National Park.
  • Southern National Park.
  • Lantoto National Park.
  • Random National Park.
  • Nimule National Park.
  • Shambe National Park.

Sudd Swamp

The Sudd Swamp is the largest inland sea that is formed by the Nile which is covered by vegetation and it is the second largest wetland in the world.  It is 320 km wide by 400 km long and home to thousands of species of animals, birds and fish.

For years now the Sudd Swamp has been an attraction for many tourists, it can be accessed by air for great views and by canoes and boats for magical journey into the wetland to see the birds and wildlife.

River Nile

The White Nile passes through South Sudan on its way to Nile Delta. It enters the country from the town of Nimule at the Boarder of Uganda and exited at the northern town of Renk. For years the South Sudan section of White Nile had been out of reach for tourist due to the wars of independence, but from 2011 it has become an attraction for tourist that want to sail it from Egypt to Lake Victoria. It is also home to some of the largest rapids at the town of Nimule and this has made the town to be Mecca for water rafters.

Imatong Mountains

The Imatong Mountains are located at the Southern part of the country and Mount Kinyeti is the highest peak at the range of  3,187 metres (10,456 ft), and also the highest in the whole of South Sudan. It has an equatorial climate and had dense montane forests supporting diverse wildlife.

The region of the Imatong Mountain Ranges is the ancestral home of the Didinga people who have rich cultural history and who are the most hospitable people in the East Africa Region. The region is home for hikers, climbers and mounteneers.

Cities and Towns

South Sudan has a mixture of old and new cities and towns. The old cities and towns have over the years been influenced by the colonials, missionaries and Arab merchants. In Juba the capital city, you get a chance to sit by the Rive Nile and soak up the sun or enjoy the night life. Bor Town is at the mouth of Sudd Swamp and gives you a chance to explore the swamp and its inhabitants by boats and canoes during the day and return to the town to retire for the night. Malakal Town which is located north of the country is where you meet the Shilluk Kingdom and the old city of Kodok. Here you get chance to meet the tribes of Nuer,Dinka Pandang and Shilluk.

  • Juba
  • Bor Town
  • Malakal
  • Nimule

Tribal Villages and Cattle camps

The tribal villages and Cattle camps of South Sudan are located across the country. This is where you get a chance to indulge and learn the way of life of tribes that range from Dinka and Nuer in the north of the country to the famous Mundari and Taposa at the south of the country.

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