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  • 10 Days Photographic Tour of South Sudan

    The photographic tour is a great opportunity to do the South Sudan Tribal Tours and a chance to spend time with the tribes. It also the best chance for scenic

  • 12 days Cultural tours South Sudan

    South Sudan is a country made up of 64 tribes who have nearly the same amount of languages, these tribes leave across the vast land of the country. Some leave

  • 3 Days tour of Terekeka/Mangalla.

    Terekeka and Mangalla are small towns North of Juba City which are 2 hrs away by road. They sit on the same location but are divided by River Nile and

  • 5 days tour of Nimule National Park

    Nimule National Park was established under British rule in 1954 at the border Town of Nimule. It has an area of 540km2 and it extends along the River Nile at

  • 5 days tour of Mundari Heartland

    Mundari are found in Central Equatoria State of South Sudan, they are part of the Karo people a section of the Nilotic group.  They are predominantly cattle herders but they

  • 6 days fishing trip on Sudd Swamp

    The Sudd Swamp is the second largest wetland in the world, second only to Pantanal of Brazil. It is found in the center of South Sudan and it starts from

  • 6 Days Hike of Imatong Mountains of South Sudan.

    Imatong Mountains are found in the south-eastern part of South Sudan, Eastern Equatoria State.  It is made up of a collection of many mountains with Kinyeti being the highest peak

  • 6 days tour of Juba City

    Juba is the capital city of South Sudan that sits on the banks of White Nile River, It is the fastest growing city in the East Africa Region. Since independence,

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