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South Sudan Culture

South Sudan Cultures encompasses religion, languages, tribes, food, artefacts, social life, music and cultural dances. South Sudan is predominantly Christian and African traditional animist. It is also home to small number Muslims. The official language is English but over 60 indigenous languages are spoken across the country with Juba Arabic being widely spoken in the cities and towns. Kiswahili is also gaining grounds due to the fact that the country’s has joined the East African Community. The dominant ethnic tribes are the Dinkas, Nuers, Bari speakers, Azande and Otuho. The Shilluk and Anyuak/Anuak kingdom are very known kingdoms in the world. South Sudan foods have mostly been influenced by the Arabs but there are many famous dishes of indigenous influence.

South Sudan music is greatly influenced by the traditional songs of various tribes but Hip Hop is gaining grounds as rappers choose to rap in Juba Arabic.

South Sudan is also making a name in sports after decades of war, sports like football and basketball have put the country in the world map. NBA players and draftees of South Sudanese background and heritage in the past few years have also help the country earn respect in the world sport Arena.

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