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Imatong Mountains Tours

Imatong Mountains are found in the south-eastern part of South Sudan, Eastern Equatoria State.  It is made up of a collection of many mountains with Kinyeti being the highest peak at about 3,180 metres and Imatong being the second highest at 2,500 metres. The mountains are easily accessible through the Town of Katire that is 2 hrs from Torit or a distance of 190 km from Juba City. The region is predominantly settled by South Sudanese farmers who have cultivated the region for generations. The mountain also has many forests that host many species of indigenous trees, wildlife and birds. It also sees much rainfall throughout most part of the year with its water flowing through many streams that crisscross the mountain terrain into River Kinyeti. The Town of Katire has lately become famous due to increased interest in South Sudan Tourism and Tours from both domestic and international tourists who mostly go there to hike the two peaks, enjoy the cold weather and the views of mountains and hills around it.

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